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Warhammer 40,000 Tournament
Warhammer 40,000

Please note an earlier start time for this tournament 10:00am.

Welcome back! Acropolis Games is very excited to host our first Warhammer 40k tournament in many months!

***Please be respectful of other people's opinions and fears in regards to Covid. Come prepared to wear a mask if requested, and avoid touching other players models or dice. We will attempt to meet as many recommendations as possible. ***

***Please understand that our store is not large enough to guarantee 6 feet of separation from every other player.***

Tournament Information

**We ask that players come prepared with a compact way to contain their armies between and during rounds, we appreciate your understanding.**

**Please pre-register to ensure that the tournament starts on time*

Link coming soon...


Please note that the overall winner of the tournament will win a prize automatically with no draw required.

Raffle Ticket Allocation:

1 ticket for buying into the tournament

1 ticket per game win

1 ticket for having a fully painted army

1 ticket for bringing a new player to our event! (Awarded Once)

Please note that the winner of the event with receive one of the prizes without needing to draw.

Please note that the most recent FAQ and Errata from Games Workshop will be used, they can be found here:


Matched Play

2,000 Points

Battleforged Armies Only

1-3 Detachments

Players must be able to present their list to their opponent or tournament organizer if requested, this does not need to be a physical copy.

Fortifications are allowed

Proxies must be kept to a minimum

Forgeworld is allowed. Minimum Forgeworld proxies please; additionally players must be able to provide the actual dataslate for any forgeworld model to their opponent or the tournament organizer.


Grand Tournament 2020 Mission Pack Mission

21 Retrieval Mission

22 Scorched Earth

23 Vital Intelligence

Rounds will be 2 1/2 Hours


Prizes will be awarded via raffle at random, with the exception of the overall winner of the event who will automatically receive one of the prizes without the need for a draw.

Tournament Schedule:

11:20am - Registration closes, 1st round pairings announced

11:30am - 1st round begins - Two and a half hours to play

2:00pm - Turns called for 1st round

2:00pm - 2:45pm - Break

2:45pm - 2nd round begins - Two and a half hours to play

5:15pm - Turns called for 2nd round

5:30pm - 3rd round begins - Two and a half hours to play

8:00pm - Turns called for 3rd round

8:15pm - Tournament prizes awarded

We will be reporting our scores to the ITC as well.

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