New Marines, Necrons, and GIANTS!

by Acropolis Games MI

This Weeks Preorder and the Release of Codex: Space Marines and Necrons

Space Marines and Necrons Arrive

Two new codices, tons of new models, and a new metta (probably), all coming this week! There were plenty of videos over the weekend reviewing the new Necron and Space Marine codex releases so make sure to check them out. As with anything in change is the only constant.

The Necron range is getting a ton of new models, not that the Space Marines are over here blushing. These new models, either updated sculpts like the Necron Warriors or Flayed ones, or brand new ones such as the Servo Turret or the Doomstalker, these kits look great! GW has done it again. Loads of new plastic probably spread out over three to four weeks so get ready and look for more preorders from Acropolis Games.

More Goodies Coming Next Week

Yesterday, as with every Sunday, GW put out next week’s preorders. This week offers up even more great models for the expanding Necron range. We do not yet know the full impact of the new codex or model releases on the ‘meta’ or what have you but it is fantastic to see such beautiful models. 

Additionally, we finally have a release date for the long teased Sons of Behamat, the giants of the Mortal Realms.

Please note that preorders need to be submitted by Thursday October 8th at 11:59pm in order to be ordered in time.

What are your thoughts on these new items? Please share your thoughts and or concerns in the comments!

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