Blood Bowl 2020 and Upcoming League

by Acropolis Games MI


Blood Bowl 2020 is coming! Are you ready? Blood Bowl is changing on a fundamental level. Many of the core mechanics will remain the same but there are several changes that will become apparent, probably on your first play through.

We at Acropolis are huge fans of Blood Bowl, and more importantly league play. (Shameless Plug ----> upcoming league info here: And in that vein we have a league planned for later this month. Leagues are, in my opinion, the best way to play BB, it allows for tons of fun games that have impact on one another, and allows you to advance your team with ample time to experience those advancements.

There are also going to be several new teams with the launch of the new BB set later this month so this provides a chance for existing players to try out a new team if they so choose.

All in all November will be a great time for Blood Bowl, our BB community at large and new and existing coaches. So stay tuned for the release date of BB 2020!


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